Cisse Hair Braiding - Brooklyn, NY
1480 Fulton St - Brooklyn NY 11216 - (718) 493-6063

Hours: 9:30AM -8:30pm (Mon - Sun)

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If you are looking for fast service and very unique styles, you’ve reached the right place! You will receive prompt, courteous service all the time! Call us for more information.
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Box Braids, Invisible Braids, Casamas Braids, Lacing, Corn Braids, Kinkey, Twists, Corn Screw, Pixie Braids, Curly, Silky Braids, Dread Locks, Twists, Fish braids, Weaving, Goddess Braids, Braids/Extensions...

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1480 Fulton St - Brooklyn NY 11216 -
Between Kingston Ave & Thompkins AVe